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From A Few Years Ago...

This was something I did for a challenge of some sort five or six years ago.  The recipient was utopiantrunks and the prompt was, I believe, pollen.

And Who Is The Woman?

She looks similar to the one in the previous poster.

Fun Art

It's amazing how much fun you can have in Google Drawings.  I suggest everyone try it out.
mrua7 posted this photo as our PicFic prompt, and this is what I did with it.
Still no story, but I had fun creating.

Illya fractured


Fun Stuff...

I discovered a cool little website called UNCLE FAN ART,  with artwork from both the series and the movie.  It's definitely worth checking out.  This one is really a chuckler...

Cutting and Pasting with Kuryakin

I like experimenting with different mediums, textures... playing really.  I found a picture of IK/MC and made it B&W, printed it and then used it like a coloring book.  Pastels and pencils made it interesting, especially since I was using cheap pastels, so they created a mottled effect.  I cut it out and pasted it, used some stamps ... well, you can see what I did.  It's a fun way to do something without the strain of having to work hard at an image.  I highly recommend it if you're wanting to have fun with MFU.
art behind the cut...Collapse )