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Fun Art

It's amazing how much fun you can have in Google Drawings.  I suggest everyone try it out.
mrua7 posted this photo as our PicFic prompt, and this is what I did with it.
Still no story, but I had fun creating.

Illya fractured


Fun Stuff...

I discovered a cool little website called UNCLE FAN ART,  with artwork from both the series and the movie.  It's definitely worth checking out.  This one is really a chuckler...

Cutting and Pasting with Kuryakin

I like experimenting with different mediums, textures... playing really.  I found a picture of IK/MC and made it B&W, printed it and then used it like a coloring book.  Pastels and pencils made it interesting, especially since I was using cheap pastels, so they created a mottled effect.  I cut it out and pasted it, used some stamps ... well, you can see what I did.  It's a fun way to do something without the strain of having to work hard at an image.  I highly recommend it if you're wanting to have fun with MFU.
art behind the cut...Collapse )

Too Cute

This was posted in the Inner Circle over on facebook and it's too cute not to share here. The artists name is Yurisuke (I think). (Cross-posted to MFU Scrapbook)


Just A Sketch...

I'm feeling inspired by all of the new artwork out there for the new movie.  This is just a sketch, but at least it's working towards something. Sometimes scribbling is the best technique around.
If you're an artist please feel free to post here in the MFU Gallery.
IK sketch

More Art Inspired by the Movie

 Click on images to see artists' pages.  I think these are really good.

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