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Paper Crafting MFU...

There is a resurgence of interest in all types of paper related art and craft.  Multimedia has become mainstream in the various genres of art, from collage to journals.  Each has its standards of excellence, of course, and depending on the expertise of the artisan, I suppose the classification will vary from craft to art.  Either will do, and some of it carries a respectable price tag.

I don't know how the fan works fare, money wise. I suspect it's done for much the same motivation as the writing of stories;  Love of the characters and the worlds in which they live and continue to thrive via fan fiction and, in many cases, fan artworks.

This isn't original artwork, per se.  It is a form of journaling, a piece that would be inserted into a journal, a junk journal if that's the genre one prefers.  I just love paper, to manipulate it, move it and glue it... create collage type things and often inserting my own original artwork into the mix.

The MFU Gallery doesn't get a lot of traffic, but it's here.  There are some terrific pieces in the archives, and new works are welcome, whether original or found.

The first photo is pure whimsy, I happened to have some very tiny photos of our favorite spies, so made a tiny envelope to put them in.  The tri-fold Illya piece is a combination of papers, sheet music and some stamped images.  It needs some Cyrillic perhaps, but that can be added later.

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More Artwork from TMO

On a few occasions I was asked to illustrate a piece of fan fiction for The McCallum Observer. Here are two line drawings I did to illustrate one of those stories. They were usually published in two parts so I did an image from the first half of the story and one from the second half. Unfortunately, this story was a little longer than usual and was split into three. The final part of the story was never printed as TMO ceased publication so I'm sure most of the readers were wondering what Mark Slate was doing in the picture has he hadn't figured in the story up to the point where the story left off.

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The Comic Book Covers 9, 10 & 11

As issues 7 & 8 were uploaded by glennagirl back in December 2013 I have jumped straight to number 9 for my latest offering. This is one of my favourites from the series. It is rubber-stamped on the first page 18/3/67. Only one comic was issued this month and one only per month thereafter. Issues 1-8 were issued two per month, according to the dates on the first page.

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